At the end of this year we proudly look back. We attempted many new things that at first seemed to big for us at first. Some of the things failed and we were disappointed. But mostly, we accomplished nearly everything that we set out to do.

Trend? Tradition? Is both possible?

As most of you know, we are always really pleased about your responses. The topic I have recently found most interesting: Is Sylt-Boheme trend or tradition? Many of you wrote that it's a part of their Sylt visit to buy one of our bracelets with the engraved date. And very few of you have even collected them since 2012. Anyways, Sophie and I have decided to try to be both. Tradition based on the "Keeping memories alive" coins and trend with our "Outloud collection"


We want to start off by wishing all of you a happy new year! As it is winter now and the sales of our bracelets are slowing down we are working on new, exciting ideas we can surprise you with this year. Our new collection 2016 will be introduced online on the 20th of March, similar to previous years...

Not just Sylt-Boheme is growing up

Now that the 2015 season is over, we look back and realize: We have achieved a lot and we have learned at least as much. There were 4 new ideas we introduced this year: golden coins,....

New year, new website, new creations!

We're back! Since the beginning of spring we are online again with our newly designed Website and new products.

New year, new luck, new team

New year, new luck, new team
Our new faces!

Longing for summer

On one of the first real autumn days I'm sitting in front of my laptop rummaging through your mails. During the summer there was so much going on that I had little time to enjoy all your great compliments and they just rushed past; now I have taken my time to enjoy...

Summer is almost over once again

I am really happy about how things have developed over the past 4 years. Sylt-Boheme has shown me how anything is possible if you pursue it with fun and passion (even though it might be exhausting at some points)....

WOW, everything is going so well!!!

WOW, everything is going so well!!!
I'm so happy how everything has been developing over the last 4 years. Sylt-Boheme has taught me that everything is possible if you do it with fun and passion (even though there were exhausting times in between).


Theres news everybody! Since Cassandre has gone back to Paris, I will run Sylt-Boheme together with my sister Sophie; While I'm writing this

Summer 2013

Summer 2013
Unfortunately, I havent been able to enter anything into my diary since Pentecost. It's just that so much has been going on lately!

HI, here I am again :-)

HI, here I am again! :-)
Hi, we wanted to let you know that we were able to make a donation of 305,-- Euros after the summer. Thanks a lot!

There are some good news...

As I mentioned in „More about us“, we launched our website in September and finally were happy to record the first orders.

Summer 2012

Due to the bad weather I can just sell bracelets very seldomly :( It is really fun to sell the new bracelets with the coins (Sylt 2012). Everyone likes them as a souvenir of their ‘sunny’ holiday

June 2012

June 2012
I urgently need to make new bracelets for the summer...

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