Summer is almost over once again

I am really happy about how things have developed over the past 4 years. Sylt-Boheme has shown me how anything is possible if you pursue it with fun and passion (even though it might be exhausting at some points). When I sold my first bracelets in 2012, I never would have thought that things would turn out as they have. By now there is even a little Sylt-Boheme community, which is really helpful in achieving everything we wish to create. It is even more fun in this way. We were all very proud when we saw our bracelets in the magazines ‘Gala’ and ‘InStyle’. As 2013 was the last time I sold bracelets I was a little nervous about selling during the Pentecost weekend and the summer holiday. After a few minutes of selling I realized I had been nervous for no reason because it was a lot of fun!

… here you have the donation receipt from Pentecost and the beginning of summer. After this great year you can be assured that the next receipt will follow soon!! J

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