We want to start off by wishing all of you a happy new year!

As it is winter now and the sales of our bracelets are slowing down we are working on new, exciting ideas we can surprise you with this year.  Our new collection 2016 will be introduced online on the 20th of March, similar to previous years.

As always we are taking your wishes into consideration, just like we did with the “Create your own one” campaign just before Christmas.  Sophie and I already had the idea before, as we wanted to give individualized bracelets to our friends as a gift, but just decided to start the campaign after your increasing demand for it. During the campaign you even had the possibility to choose your own coin print. We received really cute, funny and cool ideas for prints. We had a lot of fun!

In 2015 we also received the request from a lot of stores in holiday areas to make bracelets with their names on the coins. Of course we also did this. It really started off well and we are going to further pursue this in 2016.

We also decided that we do not want to stick to just bracelets and bags. Our biggest dream for 2016 is to create Sylt-Boheme beach towels made of bamboo fibres.

Those are not just soft but also more environmentally friendly than the traditional towels made of wool. It also seems like we have found a partner willing to produce this product to our specifications in Portugal.

Our favourite idea for 2016 is our ‘Out Loud’ collection. In this collection the coins are going to be printed with messages or quotes that we really like. It all started with the ‘LOVE IS THE ANSWER’- coin paired with a rainbow bracelet designed for the Christopher Street Day. In the meantime, the symbols for love, faith and hope were added to the collection.

‘HAPPY IS THE NEW RICH’ and a beautiful peace symbol are being planned.

We are having a lot of fun with this and expect to get a lot of great ideas from you guys as well!

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