Not just Sylt-Boheme is growing up

Now that the 2015 season is over, we look back and realize: We have achieved a lot and we have learned at least as much. There were 4 new ideas we introduced this year: golden coins, special editions with individual symbols, our Je Veux Plus-bracelets and the bags. Thoee were all suggestions made by you. We were also pleased to see that all ideas were perceived very well.  In the fall Sophie is going to start university in Maastricht and I am going to a boarding school in Oxford. Of course this has forced us to think of ways to continue Sylt-Boheme. Luckily we have a very good team, with some members already being on board for a long time. In addition, our mother has promised her help, especially when we are not in Hamburg. The new collection is going to be designed during the holidays. We already have one or two products on the way. All the research and development necessary for this can be done on our laptops anyway. So whether this happens in Maastricht, Oxford or Hamburg does not really make a difference. This year I have also noticed that I really enjoy doing the background work and that I am already really looking forward to the research and development work that is ahead of us. You can stay curious J

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